Who we are
Jeff Pan, MD and Inder Bhat, MD
performing surgery in Room 5.
Graciela Chirinos is scrubbed.
Iver Kasenetz and Ike Garcia
PK Kelleher and Sorin Muncaciu
Pat Koster, RN, Roe Rowshan-
del, RN, Steve Luck, MD, PK Kel-
leher, RN, and Debbie Grinder,
RN in the control area of the OR,
For the staff and friends of NoVa Community Hospital
Welcome to the website dedicated to the staff and friends of the Northern
Virginia Community Hospital in Arlington, VA.  The hospital was born more
than forty years ago as a physician-owned facilty.  It was then known as
Northern Virginia Doctor's Hospital.  It thrived in the sixties until the eighties.  
Strains to the medical industry lead to the purchase of the  hospital by
several for-profit hospital corporations such as HCA, Health Trust and even
Vencor.  Northern Virginia Doctor's Hospital (now known as Northern Virginia
Community Hospital), one of the many HCA hospitals in Nothern Virginia, will
finally close its doors on 31 May 2006.  A full service hospital on S. Carlin
Springs Rd., it had services in all fields of medicine and most of the
subspecialties of surgery, including bariatrics.
Brenda Talbert and Michelle Loya
More of the staff on a Monday
morning - start of the week!

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